Commitment to Safety

At Gefen Travel, we consider that the safety and health of our travelling groups is of paramount importance and our company policy has been compiled in association with our suppliers in order that all stages and destinations of our itineraries have the same sharp focus on professional behaviour, risk management and participant safety.

We exhibit our commitment to these policies by the selection of excursion, transport and accommodation suppliers who demonstrate strict adherence to all relevant safety and health legislation and industry codes of practice. Through post-tour analysis and seasonal overviews we update safety policies whenever appropriate, ensuring Gefen Travel staff are kept up-to-date with amended practices and improved service delivery requirements. Management and staff are also subject to ongoing training that enables them to react promptly and effectively should the need ever arise.

While most activities carry a degree of inherent risk, group leaders must ensure that any excursion or activity is age-appropriate, and suits the abilities and size of their group. Gefen Travel does not accept any responsibility for any arrangements made outside of the provided itinerary.

We do request that the emergency contact details of all group leaders and supervising staff, their next of kin and of the parents and guardians of each group member are supplied to us prior to the tour commencing. In the rare event of an emergency situation, this ensures a rapid and comprehensive response by Gefen Travel.