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With an internationally respected educational tradition, excellent tourism infrastructure for all budgets and a vast range of syllabus-enhancing opportunities, New Zealand is a secure and welcoming destination for your school group.

At Gefen Travel, our focus is on authentic learning. We firmly believe that well-designed and well-implemented, supplementary learning programmes enhance student engagement and achievement. Not only do students learn better when they actualise, field trips foster observation skills, attention to detail and critical thinking.

Practical experience links classroom learning with the real world, providing empathy, tolerance, focus and context. Utilising your curriculum framework and your desired outcomes, Gefen Travel will organise a tour based on student-centred, experiential learning activities. We can also offer teaching staff and tour organisers free places on our tours. To discuss this, your itinerary ideas or any quote requests, please contact us.  


Whatever your desired outcome, Gefen Travel can arrange programs that deliver, effectively changing the lives of adolescents and inspiring them to be the best young people they can be.



New Zealand provides an extraordinary choice of settings beyond the classroom where students can experience the challenge of outdoor environments that contrast significantly to their own.




Māori are the indigenous (tangata whenua) people of New Zealand (Aotearoa), and comprise around 15% of our nation’s population. Their rich culture evolved in relative isolation and their unique history, language and traditions are a key to New Zealand’s identity. 



In New Zealand we are favoured by an incomparable natural environment.  Diverse and contrasting geography that changes quickly from region to region, easily accessible geological and maritime features and unique flora and fauna enable students to actualise their classroom learning in an experiential and stimulating way.



New Zealand is privileged to enjoy an exceptional natural environment. The favourable climate, generally abundant water and relatively easy topography combine together to create the ideal conditions for agricultural and horticultural production.



Augment classroom learning in a meaningful way with a Gefen curriculum specific tour. Provide us your curriculum framework and your desired outcomes, and let us design a customised tour featuring student-centred, experiential educational activities.


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