How to Book

Gefen Travel understand the demands placed on modern teaching professionals and the stress that organising travelling groups can cause. Once you have decided your parameters, we are here to take care of everything for you and ensure an angst-free travel experience. Here are some suggestions to help you consolidate your ideas.

The best starting point is to decide where in New Zealand you would like to visit. If you need more information on potential destinations then we are more than happy to assist, or if you don’t have a preference and are happy to go with our suggested itinerary then that is fine too.


The sooner you can establish your proposed dates, the better. School holidays are the most popular period in which to travel but some schools allow term time travel. Consult your school calendar to ensure there are no clashes or difficulties, and then seek approval from the Principal or Leadership Group, if this is required. They may also have some valuable tips or advice that you may want to factor in. Lastly, our experience suggests that allowing plenty of lead time is preferable, especially when it comes to collection of funds from participants.



With your destinations chosen, dates picked and permissions granted, it’s time to move to Step 3, the Provisional Booking. At this point, there is no commitment to undertake the trip and no monies change hands but we begin the process of working on a sample itinerary and are able to move toward a costing. We’d love to assist you with your project so please contact us by phone or email.



Gefen Travel will then begin the process of outlining your itinerary, ascertaining key events, costing transport and selecting appropriate accommodation. This can take a few days so please be patient because we will respond as promptly as we can. Once we have assembled the details, we will send you a Provisional Booking Confirmation (PBC) which include a suggested itinerary and pricing.




Once you have received the PBC, and you have approved the schedule, it’s time to start the business of promoting the tour to the parents. We are happy to provide as many details as you require because our experience tells us that this will give you the best result and, by clearly defining the cut-off dates, last minute angst is minimised.





When we receive your initial 10% deposit, we treat your tour as a Confirmed Booking. This means that we begin to compile your provisional touring schedule.  We stay in regular contact with you throughout the process which ensures all of your requirements are met and likewise you can advise us of any alterations, additions or exclusions that arise.





The usual deadline for payment in full is ten weeks prior to departure. We will send you all the relevant documentation and will be in contact with you prior to departure just to make sure that everything is going well. We also provide our 24 hour assistance phone number so we are alongside you every step of the trip. Have a fantastic time!