Environment & Sustainability

New Zealand is privileged to enjoy an exceptional natural environment. The favourable climate, generally abundant water and relatively easy topography combine together to create the ideal conditions for agricultural and horticultural production. However, the rapid proliferation of dairy farming, while being of massive economic benefit to the nation, has led to burgeoning environmental concerns. The management of these issues and the stewardship of natural resources going forward is one of just many fascinating opportunities for Environment and Sustainability case studies within New Zealand.

Investigating the challenges to real environments first hand provides students with experiential learning in a safe and stimulating location. Resource Management, Environmental Governance, Risk Management and the rights of traditional owners are prominent touchpoints that Gefen Travel has referenced to deliver curriculum outcomes and create actualised learning experiences. Your tour parameters are completely flexible and can be customised to encompass guided field trips, facility tours, specialist guides and expert guest speakers. Contact us to discuss how we can create an itinerary for your group.


Our South Island Environment and Sustainability tour highlights progressive and innovative approaches to the environmental challenges faced by the Canterbury region.