Gefen Rugby

It is often said that, in New Zealand, rugby union is a religion and, since 1870, it has become an integral part of New Zealand culture and is considered our national sport. With over 145 000 registered players and 600 clubs, New Zealand presents the ultimate destination for touring rugby union teams of every grade.

At Gefen Travel, we will arrange every detail of your team’s itinerary to fit your requirements and your budget. Each tour is individually crafted to your specific needs and can consist of pre-season training camps, team building excursions, fitness and conditioning, professional skills training or fully-fledged tours with matches against well-matched opposition.

As well as providing the opportunity for visiting teams to test themselves against well-matched opposition, New Zealand is also a premier destination for adventure tourism creating the perfect circumstances for the rugby trip of a lifetime. Itineraries can also incorporate almost unlimited selection of cultural, environmental and educational experiences, to whatever degree required. The flexibility of our itinerary planning means we can adapt to your needs.

Whatever your budget, requirements and skill level, we are confident we can design a superior rugby experience for your team. Please contact us for more information.